Monday 28 May 2012

Fame at last! - Monkey's Cream Coloured Courser photos make the national newspapers!

Well would you believe it. I was happy enough seeing the beautiful Cream Coloured Courser at Bradnor Hill golf course last Monday, but it just gets better. Last week an agency emailed me to ask if I would be interested in selling my pictures (from my blog) to the national newspapers. They mentioned a 50/50 deal on any sold and said they would tout them round. I thought about it for about 0.000000000000001 of a second, and agreed to email some pics.

I am pleased to say that the pics appeared in both The Sun and The Daily Mail. Here is a link to the Daily Mail website:

Although I would say at this point, there is "no sign" of any money! Hopfully it'll be showing well before too long. 

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