Wednesday 16 May 2012

Melodious Warbler, Leyton, East London - suits you sir

Expect the unexpected, someone once told me. They were certainly right today when someone found a singing Melodious Warbler in the heart of east London, literally a stone's throw from the 2012 Olympic site, and very conveniently, just one stop on the central line from my office in Stratford.

With no optics I headed over (15 mins door to bird) and was lucky to see the bird within 5 minutes of arriving, thanks to to fellow birder on site who lent me his bins! It showed well for a couple of minutes before being lost to cover.

This was only my second Melody after a bird at Languard, Suffolk, a couple of years back. 

Shaun will no doubt be more than happy to stump up the £5 we bet, just a week ago, that he see a Melody before I see an Icky. I very much doubt one will ever turn up so close to home, but who knows,.........expect the unexpected! 
I was wearing karki boxers - honest!

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