Tuesday 15 August 2023

Black Stork Down #451

 At bloody last. Black Stork is one of my nemesis birds, having dipped 4 previously. They are notoriously difficult to pin down, and this one in Kent seemed no different being reported ranging widely across the county over the weekend. 

On Monday morning however reports came through that it had been been seen at Capel Fleet the previous day and it was still there Monday morning! By mid morning further reports stated it was showing well, and I was on my way with Steve Bacon for company. 

Just over an hour later we were pulling up on site and this time it all went to plan as it was on show immediately, sat preening in a field.  


Photos by Steve Bacon

After 45 mins it hadn't done much so we upped and left stopping just up the road at Capel Fleet where there 3 Spoonbills and a Great White Egret on show. 

It's good to finally get Black Stork under my belt, maybe I can get Arctic Warbler this year, another bird that I have dipped multiple times and by far the easiest bird I have not seen.