Wednesday 2 December 2009

Mound Bound

I Haven't been to Rainham Marshes for quite a while. In fact I haven't been anywhere for a while. The crap weather combined with my busy life has meant no birding for three weekends in a row. I was determined to get out and with nothing worth travelling for I headed to The Serin Mound at Rainham hoping to catch up with, er, one of the Serin that had been seen almost daily from The "Serin" Mound.

On site I first bumped into Hawky and Bagsy who had not seen a lot for their efforts and then Shaun, who had seen one of the Serin briefly. Before I could get to The Mound, Hawky called to say he had found a Dartford Warbler just up the road so we headed along to see it. Dirty Year Lister Jonathan Lethbridge was there too when we arrived, trying to work out which list he might need a Dartford for; his Sunday list or his seen whilst wearing this pair of pants list. The Dartford showed nicely through a fence, not allowing any good photos. For an example of a crap photo of it, see Hawkys blog;

Back to The Serin Mound, no sign and 40 mins later I was off to Berwick Ponds to look for Bittern. A couple of laps produced, well not much really, just a calling Water Rail and some common wildfowl.

It was good to get out and catch up with the lads, although briefly. Looking forward to a day out birding soon.