Wednesday 18 April 2012

US Blackbirds

About 2.5 hours north of Bishop (during our mammoth journey to Yosemite) we passed a large area of fields bordered by long grass. At first I noticed a large number of Red Winged Blackbirds, then in with them around 20 Yellow Headed Blackbirds!

Red Winged Blackbird - there were hundreds in the area. Also seen here my first ever Western Meadowlark singing from a fence post, as it said it would be, in my Sibley Guide.
Wild Turkey - one of two seen on the trip
They may be Common and noisy, but Steller's Jays are very smart.
By the way it is 2.55am as I write this and I am wide awake! The 8 hour time difference and jet lag is taking its toll.

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