Sunday 22 April 2012

Killer Whales in Monterey Bay

It must have been fate. The wind had dropped considerably and the whale watching trip was on. As we pulled out of the harbour the captain informed us that there was news that a pod of Killer Whales had made a kill about 10 miles out and they were still in the area feeding. It took about an hour to get around 10 miles out where we found the whales. What an awesome sight they were. There were 10 whales including 1 huge male and a few small calfs. Killer Whales are a big draw and attracted 4 boats, from local whale watching companies. Also seen were 4 Humpback Whales and around 50 Risso's Dolphins. Pics on next post, plus let's not forget the birds!  Oh and by the way, it turned out that the Killer Whales had killed a Minke Whale!

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