Monday 3 August 2009

Monkey's List of Things to do this weekend

Take Jamie on the annual Scouting Dads and lads camping trip on Friday night

Take the boys fishing for a few hours on Saturday morning/early afternoon

Have BBQ at camp site for lunch

Get home mid afternoon unpack camping gear and get ready to go out Saturday night

Go out to friend's house for dinner Saturday night, have a few beers and chill out

Take garden rubbish stuff to the tip on Sunday morning

Sort out garden furniture in preparation for BBQ at ours next weekend late morning Sunday

Either a) do some food shopping or b) change name by Deed Poll to Mrs Hubbard

Visit both sets of parents as not seen them for a few weeks as been too busy dipping Great Spotted Cuckoos

Take the kids to play badminton as I have been promising for a few weeks but unfortunately a certain Mr G S Cuckoo had booked all the courts

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