Tuesday 4 August 2009

You Just Can't Win

I fully understand that I get to go out and do what ever I want to do more than my fair share of times. If I am not twitching something or out birding, I am, between August and May, watching West Ham Utd. I have been attending most home matches since 1983, have been to almost 60 away grounds and have had a season ticket for the last 18 years. I have quickly come to the conclusion that something had to give. 2 years ago I started sharing my season ticket with a friend to cut the number of games down by half and after much deliberation and soul searching I have decided not to renew my West Ham season ticket for the forthcoming season. Not only does this save me a few quid but more importantly it means I can concentrate on birding and spending some time with my family.

On Saturday whilst trying to justify to my wife why I wanted to go back to Norfolk for the 3rd time in 9 days to hopefully see the Great Spotted Cuckoo, Sophie my daughter added to the discussion, not knowing I had ditched my beloved West Ham,:

Sophie: Why don't you choose between birding and football, that would be fair

Me: (thinking well said Sophie) In fact Soph I have not renewed my season ticket so I wont be going West Ham any more, so I have done exactly that and chosen birding, I as I realise it is a bit too much doing both

My wife Julia looked up from where she was sitting and said very matter of factly "You chose the wrong one".

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  1. Well done on ditching the football Lindsay, but no surprises why Mrs B would prefer you hadn't!