Wednesday 29 July 2009

Deeply Dippy

That's 3 dips in a row now and to be honest I was lucky with the Carrot Billed Tern at Welney as I only saw that about 20 minutes before it took off north.

Last year I went on a bad run, 7 dips in a row. It seems the more effort I made, the more I went for the worse it got. It was getting depressing. No matter my friends cheered me up by kindly taking the p*ss, telling me that they have never had such a bad run in the million years they have been birding and calling me Deeply Dippy whenever possible. What would I do without them. Luckily the bad luck broke, with something I can't quite remember and all of a sudden the bad times were forgotten and I was on a winning streak again. of 1!! Surely it can't be as bad again this time! Watch this space.

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