Saturday 26 March 2011

Short Toed Treecreeper and yet more Waxwings

Shaun, Hawky and I couldn't resist a trip to Landguard NR, near Felixstow in Suffolk this morning when news arrived that the rare Short Toed Treecreeper, was still present. This was Britian's 25th record and Suffolk's 1st. There were around 100 birders on siTe when we arrived and by the sound of it the bird was proving difficult to pin down. Hawky refound it after 15 minutes or so but could not get us onto it in the few seconds he had it in view. The bird then moved west along the trees of Icky Ridge eluding most of us. Hawky then again spotted the bird fly 20 yards to the next clump of trees and everyone moved with it. Then at last after another 5 minutes the bird eventually gave itself up and as you would expect appeared at the bottom of a tree creeping its way up, very tree creeper-esque. And that was that! Later, this afternoon Sophie (my 13 year old daughter) headed toLakeside shopping centre where after our short shopping excursion, we caught up with around 70 Waxwings near Debenhams.

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