Sunday 6 March 2011

Florida Birds #5 - Blue Spring National Park

The following pics were all taken on a 2 hour boat trip at Blue Spring State Park, near Orange City, approx 1 hour north of Orlando.

Limpkin - my 1st ever and high on my wanted list - a 2nd was seen poorly later on the trip

Another Belted Kingfisher picture

A pair of Sandhill Cranes on nest - a dozen seen during the holiday, including 3 pairs on nest on this boat trip

Red Shouldered Hawk - many seen during the holiday

A displaying male Wild Turkey - many seen on this trip, plus a group of 6 in the grounds of Magic Kingdom

Red Winged Blackbird - one of only 2 seen well, although many were seen at dusk in Orlando going to roost

Juv Bald Eagle

Common Crackle

Double Creasted Cormorant

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