Sunday 6 March 2011

Florida Birds #2

More pics from the first 2 days of our holiday, on and around Sanibel Island.

Kildeer, only two flocks seen all holiday, this one of a dozen birds on Sanibel

Bald Eagle - this adult returning to the nest. The nest contained 2 chicks. We saw a surprisingly large number of Bald Eagles our holiday. We saw 2 nests, both with 2 chicks and a number of individuals including one on a lamp post in downtown Orlando!

Wood Stork - 20+ seen

Little Blue Heron

Ding Darling Preserve, Sanibel, at dusk

Juv Black Crowned Night Heron

White Ibis - very common - hundreds seen all over

Green Heron

The same Green Heron

and another.....

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