Sunday 6 March 2011

Florida Birds #1

The pictures below were all taken on the first 2 days of our holiday on or around Sanibel Island.

Spotted Sandpiper - on the beach outside our hotel

Ring Billed Gull - one of a zillion seen all over Florida

Peregrine - on a ledge about 20 feet from our hotel balcony

Black and White Warbler - one of a dozen or so seen during the holiday, this one on the first morning in the hotel grounds

Little Blue Heron, on the beach outside the hotel

Belted Kingfisher - on the jetty outside the hotel, probably over 100 seen on the holiday, with dozens seen later in the Everglades

Yellow Throated Warbler - hotel grounds

Red Bellied Woodpecker - hotel grounds

Yellow Crowned Night Heron - hotel grounds

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