Saturday 4 August 2018

Nzuma Lodge, Klaserie Reserve, South Africa - part 2

Our second full day was dominated by African Wild Dogs. The African Wild Dog is one of the most endangered mammals in Africa, with a small population of just a few thousand, dropping in numbers year on year. During our evening safari we encountered a pack on 7 individuals on the hunt. We followed the pack for around 2 hours. At one point they were hot on the hooves of an Impala which luckily got away. Seeing a successful Wild Dog hunt and kill is rare, and we were told is very violent and brutal with the unfortunate animal caught, pulled limb from limb and eaten alive, although our guide assured us death is quick. We were quite pleased to miss out on that to be honest.

10 meters behind an Impala 

The first of many Lilac Breasted Rollers (c50 seen)

Record shot of a Magpie Shrike

Zebra were surprisingly scarce 

We ended the evening safari with this impressive Verreaux's Eagle Owl - the only owl seen on our entire trip

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