Monday 11 August 2014

Lamanai Outpost Lodge, Belize - Day 4

Our final morning at Lamanai, and we were being picked up at the dock at 11.30am. Not to waste a minute, Sophie and I booked a sunrise canoe safari. We paddled across the lagoon, with our guide, (but no camera) and silently glided along a small inlet getting good views of birds and crocodiles.

The main birds of note was my one and only Bare Throated Tiger Heron, that showed well in a tree as we drifted past and a pair of smart Prothonotary Warblers. Once back, after breakfast and packing I spent the last 90 minutes birding the gardens.

(f) Blue Black Grosbeak

Another Prothonotary Warbler high up in the foliage

Brief views of 2 Barred Antshrikes

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