Monday 11 August 2014

Lamanai Lodge Belize, bird list

At least 116 species seen, and many more heard only, in less than 3 days, and remember this was not an out and out birding trip!
Bare Throated Tiger Heron      
Great Blue Heron                    
Black Crowned Night Heron    
Great Egret                              
Snowy Egret                            
Little Blue Heron                      
Green Heron                            
Boat-Billed Heron                    
White Ibis                                
Black Vulture                        
Turkey Vulture                        
Black Bellied Whistling Ducks
Muscovy Duck                      
Swallow Tailed Kite              
Snail Kite                              
Crane Hawk                        
Great Black Hawk                
Roadside Hawk                    
Short Tailed Hawk                
White Breasted Hawk          
Collared Forest Falcon          
Bat Falcon                            
Plain Chacalaca                    
Grey Necked Wood Rail      
Northern Jacana                    
Pale Vented Pigeon              
Common Ground Dove        
Plain Breasted Ground Dove
Ruddy Ground Dove            
White Tipped Dove              
Gray Fronted Dove              
Olive Throated Parakeet      
White Fronted Parrot            
Red Lored Parrot                
Squirrel Cuckoo                  
Grove Billed Ani                  
Northern Potoo                    
Common Parague                
Chimney Swift                      
Vaux's Swift                        
Long Tailed Hermit              
White Bellied Emerald          
Rufus Tailed Hummingbird    
Black Headed Trogon          
Slaty Tailed Trogon              
Ringed Kingfisher                
Green Kingfisher                  
American Pigmy Kingfisher  
Collared Aracari                  
Keel Billed Tucan                
Yucatan Woodpecker        
Golden Fronted Woodpecker
Yelllow Bellied Sapsucker  
Pale Billed Woodpecker    
Lineated Woodpecker        
Olivaceous Woodcreeper  
Ivory Billed Woodcreeper  
Barred Antshrike                
Black Faced Antthrush      
Northern Beardless Tyrannulet
Yellow Belled Elanea          
Yellow Olive Flycatcher      
Vermillion Flycatcher          
Dusky Capped Flycatcher  
Brown Crested Flycatcher
Great Kiskadee                
Boat Billed Flycatcher      
Social Flycatcher                
Sulphur Bellied Flycatcher  
Tropical Kingbird              
Couch's Kingbird              
Rose Throated Bicard        
Masked Tityra                  
Red Capped Manakin        
Yellow Green Vireo              
Lesser Greenlet                  
Brown Jay                        
Purple Martin                    
Gray Breasted Martin        
Mangrove Swallow            
Spot Breasted Wren          
White Bellied Wren          
White Breasted Wood Wren
Blue Gray Gnatcatcher      
Black Catbird                    
Tropical Mockingbird        
Prothonotary Warbler        
Gray Crowned Yellowthroat
Blue Gray Tanager            
Yellow Winged Tanager    
Yellow Throated Euphonia
Blue black Grassquit          
White Collared Seedeater
Olive Sparrow                  
Green Backed Sparrow    
Botteri's Sparrow            
Grayish Saltator                
Black headed Saltator        
Blue black Grosbeak        
Red Winged Blackbird      
Eastern Meadowlark        
Melodious Blackbird        
Great Tailed Grackle        
Black Cowled Oriole        
Hooded Oriole                
Yellow Backed Oriole      
Altamira Oriole                  
Yellow Tailed Oriole          
Yellow Billed Cacique        
Spotted Sandpiper            
Semi palmated Plover        
Clay coloured Robin          

 The kids with our excellent guide Eduardo

Me and Eduardo after another successful birding session   

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