Monday 23 August 2010

Vange Spoonbills

Off work today looking after the kids I managed to convince them that a quick visit to Vange RSPB after lunch would be more fun than watching the Disney Channel or playing on the Wii.

Their enthusiasm (dragged them kicking and screaming) was for some reason not heightened by the news that they could possibly see 3 Spoonbills and a juvy type Red Backed Shrike! Kids!

30 mins after leaving home we parked on the grass verge by the entrance and off we set. 10 minutes later I located the 3 Spoonbills fast asleep. The grey skies seemed to get much greyer very quickly and rain began to fall (I am sure I saw the kids do a rain dance) The kids looked at them for at least a millisecond look through the scope and I tried unsuccessfully to take a couple of distant digiscoped shots. With the rain falling and kids moaning I decided it best not to suggest we walk round for an hour to try and locate the shrike and headed back to the car. By the time we got home 30 minutes later the sun was shining and no doiubt the shrike was sitting up on a bush providing cracking views to someone.

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