Monday 23 August 2010

Broad Billed Sandpiper - East Mersey Essex

Just as our friends arrived for lunch yesterday by phone vibrated to let me know that a text had arrived from Hawky. "Broad Billed Sand...East Mersey". Three hours later I was putting my scope, bins and camera into the boot and was heading east on the A12. Half way through the 80 minute drive and other text from Hawky confirmed it was still there.

Parking up I hooked up with 2 friendly fellow birders from Suffolk and began the long walk to the bird, and it was a long walk. What seemed like ages later we arrived to double the number of birders on site to 6!

The bird was showing distantly (approx 200yards) across the river on the mud with Ringed Plover and helpfully with Dunlin, which when close showed the size and plumage difference nicely. (life tick #372)

Picture from by Sean Nixon - thanks

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