Sunday 27 June 2010

Take me to your leader

Flying saucers? As we left our friend's house in the wee small hours this morning we noticed up to 20 bright red orbs floating silently across the Essex night sky. As my imagination kicked into overdrive I imagined a fleet of alien space craft heading down the Thames to destroy London. In view for a couple of minutes they passed silently overhead and into the distance and out of view. But what could they be? Answers on a postcard please.


  1. Hey Martin,

    I am from a town near Amsterdam in The Netherlands and I had the same experience as you last night. Can you tell me at what time you saw them? Just like you I am very curious as what they could be.


  2. How about these chinese paper lanterns that you light and which float up into the air under the same principle as a hot air balloon?

  3. Yes they were Chinese Lanterns. I wonder how many people have convinced themselves in the past that they are aliens space ships. I must admit for a while I was perplexed until a local passer put me right. Looks pretty cool though.