Tuesday 29 June 2010

Stag Weekend

Following hot on the heels of the hawk moths last week, I had my first Stag Beetle of the year in the garden on Sunday night. There I was in the garden, cold beer in hand, trying to work out why England's World Cup had gone so horribly wrong, when I heard the unmistakable and loud whirr of a Stag Beetle as it flew/hovered towards me. Ducking out the way, it thudded against the conservatory window and fell to the ground. I rushed in to pick up the camera and call the Mrs and kids but by the time I was back the bleeping cat had seen it and was closing in. The cat has killed a couple of Stag Beetles in the past, so despite not getting back out in time to take a photo I was glad to see it whirring its way up and away over the garden fence and out of harms way.

A further 45 minutes or so also produced a bat sp. presumably Pipistrelle and one passing unidentified very large moth.

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