Monday 19 April 2010

Scotland Trip April 2010 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Each year we take a family holiday in Scotland. We never tire of Speyside or the west coast. This is just a short preliminary post from work in my lunch break. As you will read below it is not easy blogging without a computer!

The Good - Wildlife wise as always Speyside didn't disappoint including:
Golden Eagle (2)
Capercallie (3)
Black Grouse (2)
Scottish Crossbill (lots - found a great site)
Osprey (4+)
Red Grouse (20+)
Bottle Nosed Dolphin (2) down to 30 feet
Arctic Hare (3+)
Red Squirrel (lots)
Probable Common Crane over (Sophie and Julia only)
Meeting Shaun, Dave Mo, Redsy and Dick for half a day's birding on my last full day

The Bad - with our flights home cancelled due to the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland, we had to drive a hire car home. A very long and tiring 13 hours later we arrived home via Luton airport (to pick up our car) and Stanstead airport (to drop off the hire car).

The Ugly - our house was burgled while we were away and lots of stuff was taken, including our lap tops. Hence the short post and no photos.

What this space.

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