Wednesday 28 April 2010

Four Dips in 48 hours!

A quick post as I am still computerless following the burglary. Had to go to Derby for work yesterday so took the afternoon off on Monday to bird my way up. Things didn't go quite to plan.

Dip 1 - Red Backed Shrike, Ingatestone, Essex
Dip 2 - Bluethroat, Welney, Norfolk - I knew it tended to only show in the morning and I didn't get there until 3pm, so nothing ventured etc
Dip 3 - Green Winged Teal on the way home yesterday, Eyebrook Resevoir, Leicestershire
Dip 4 - Red Footed Falcon, Oakham, Leceistershire - arrived to find half a dozen bemused birders, no one who had seen the bird or knew anyone who had seen it.

On the plus side I found a Dipper (ironically) nest, with 2 juvs at Bradfordale, Derbs. Very nice.

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