Thursday 8 April 2010

Black Winged Stilt Rainham Marshes

There I was asleep and dreaming about a nice looking bird with long legs when.....would you believe it....... Jamie (my 10 year old) come in and wakes me up saying filthy twitcher Jono had just called:

Jamie: Hello
Jono: Hi Jamie, is your Dad there?
Jamie: He's asleep, still not very well....
Jono: Here's something to get him out of bed, tell him there's a Black Winged Stilt at Rainham
Jamie: Ok thanks, I'll tell him....
Jamie: DAAAAAAAD! Jono called and said get out of bed, there's a Black Winged Stilt at Rainham
Me: Oh my God! Ok let's go

I've been ill with a chest infection for the best part of a week now. So ill in fact that I could not get out of bed last weekend to see the local Alpine Swift and Hoopoe. "You must be ill" said my ever caring wife Julia.

I put on my tracky bottoms and fleece, hacked up a load of yuk, brushed my teeth, had a coughing fit, coughed up more yuk, brushed my teeth again, picked up my stuff and we were out the door. 30 minutes later we arrived at Rainham to find a small crowd already gathered. Dick, arrived at the same time, and Dominic Mitchell confirmed it was still showing well, as we climbed the stairs to the visitors centre. And there it was....

Jono, is back from Scotland tomorrow. Let's hope it stays for him.

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