Monday 10 April 2023

The Falklands, a bonus day and bonus Macaroni Penguin

When we arrived back from our Volunteer Point trip, we were advised that our holiday rep wanted to speak with us. Our flight home had been bumped back 24 hours. Apparently this is not uncommon with military flights to and from The Falklands. For us it meant and extra day to our trip, and a chance to book another trip. We'd still not caught up with Macaroni Penguin and there were a couple still in the Rockhopper colony at Kidney Cove, which is about 1.5 hours from Stanley. 

We booked a half day trip, to allow us time to visit the museum in Stanley when we got back.  

Rockhopper left / Macaroni right


A bonus was a Sei Whale blowing off shore from our vantage Point at the Rockhopper colony. The final two bird for the trip list were fittingly both penguins; 50. King Penguin and 51. Macaroni Penguin.  

It was a long journey home, around 26 hours door to door, but it was so worth it. The trip was so much.  better than I had envisaged. 

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