Saturday 1 April 2023

Falklands, Carcass Island

After 3 wonderful days on Pebble Island it was time to move onto Carcass Island. I'd been really looking forward to this as we had a pre planned/pre-paid trip to West Point, to visit the Black Browed Albatross colony. I wont spend any time going into the ins and outs of why it didn't happen, but let's just say, we were very disappointed we didn't get to West Point, that and a number of other issues somewhat spoiled our time spent on the island. But rather than write a negative post about our stay here, which I quite easily could, I'll concentrate on the good stuff, the birds mainly.

We occasionally bumped into a Magellanic Penguin when walking around the settlement

Juvenile Elephant Seal

Johnny Rooks (Striated Caracara) were common 

Giant Petrel

Johnny Rook

Kelp Gull

Yellow Billed Teal

Kelp Goose (f) 

Kelp Goose (m)

Falkland Thrush

Ruddy Headed Goose

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron

Dark Faced Ground Tyrant

The star of the show, the endemic Cobb's Wren

Cobb's Wren were relatively common around the settlement

Tussock Bird

We ended up staying almost 4 days on Carcass Island. I would have much rather spent more time at our next stop, Sea Lion Island, but it is what it is. I did manage to add another 4 birds to the trip list:         41. Tussock Bird; 42. Cobb's Wren; 43. Short Eared Owl and 44. Great Grebe.  

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