Monday 22 June 2015

Turtle Dove - Grove Ferry, Kent

Had a few hours spare today so decided to go try and find a  Turtle Dove as I had not seen one well for a number of years. Grove Ferry NNR is a reliable location each summer, for these dainty birds, so off I went.

Nothing was doing at first. But after a walk around the reserve on my way back I struck lucky. At least 2 individuals were purring away on the left hand side of the path, as you exit the reserve, at the Grove Ferry end.

One showed really well to just 15 feet for a few seconds, but long enough for me to nail a good shot. It sat up ok further back, partly obscured by foliage, providing superb scope views. I had forgotten just how smart these birds are up close. I hope I manage to catch up with them more often from now on.              

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