Saturday 19 January 2013

Waxwings, Harold Hill, Essex

Last week there were reports of Waxwings in Harold Hill, Essex, about 3-4 miles from where we live and where my wife's parents live. So this afternoon when my Mrs suggested popping over and seeing them, I thought I'd take the bins and the camera just in case.

After a quick cuppa I jumped in the car to scour the areas where birds had been reported in the week. I pretty much stayed within a square mile, checking out areas I knew had berry bushes etc. Half an hour and 3 small flocks of starlings later, I decided to call it a day. But wait, just as I got back to their road, hey presto, 25 lovely Waxwings sitting in a tree in someone's back garden, less then 200 yards from my parents-in-law front door.

As you can see from the photos, the light was total rubbish, but I didn't mind. I stood there in the sleet, freezing my bits off, in ca watching them for 15 minutes. Even my father-in-law came out to see them!

You can't knock a Waxwing.       

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