Monday 23 July 2012

A few moths from last night

A few pics of just a few of the moths that came to the bulb in my garden between around 10pm and 12am last night. Unfortunately no hawk moths paid a visit but numbers wise it was by far the best night (of 3) that I have had the bulb out in the garden. Unfortunately, with work this morning I had to call it a day around midnight. I am already looking forward to the next session. By the way, I am very new to moth ID so forgive me if I got any any of the below wrong (right) - please let me know.     
 Leopard Moth

 Scarce Silver-Lines

 Great Oak Beauty (?)

 White Satin Moth

 A moth party!

 Swallow Tailed Moth

 Orange Moth (?)
 Large Emerald


  1. Just seen this post (2015). Some nice moths. I hope some of those hit my trap this year, especially that leopard. Your Great Oak Beauty looks like a Peppered though - See you Sunday all being well

  2. And your Orange is a Riband Wave - boom look at me, Mr Moth....