Saturday 2 June 2012

Cinnabar Moth - Rainham Marshes RSPB

Saw this smart Cinnabar Moth at Rainham Marshes yesterday between the west end car park and the Wennington mound. I could get right into mothing, I find it and them very interesting. Hoping for an Elephant Hawk Moth this year, if any one gets one locally please let me know.

Thanks to Dave Mo for correcting my mis-identification of this moth!


  1. Yes it is. I was very pleased to see it. Never seen one before. I could really get into mothing. In fact I think I'll investigate getting a lamp etc.

  2. A most stunning moth! The colors and wing patterns are especially appealing. I wonder if we have Cinnabar Moths in the United States. I will have to do some research. Very pretty, indeed!

    Also, a very gracious thank you for the kind remarks you left on my post on the Birding Is Fun! Blog. Much appreciated!

  3. Yes it was lovely. Thanks. If any one sees this, the Birding is Fun website is well worth a look, the photography is cracking.