Sunday 12 February 2012

Separated at birth? Elton John seen birding in Barking Bay

Paparazzi, decended on Barking Bay in East London last week when 2 school girls reported seeing Elton John birdwatching at the usually quiet birding hotspot. I think they may have been mistaken?


  1. Looks more like John Wayne on the right!

  2. Well, Elton can't hit some of the high notes that he used to, but in my opinion, his voice has a richer and more beautiful timbre to it than he possessed as a young man. Elton and his voice have aged like a fine wine. His songs will always be music to my ears!

  3. One's a larger than life, gay as a window, cosmetically challenged drama queen with awful dress sense and even worse hair. The other's Elton John.

    b'dum tss!