Wednesday 21 July 2010

A not very Poplar Hawk Moth

At precisely 11.32pm last night, as I lay asleep in bed, my wife Julia shook me up to wake me up, "There's a huge moth in the bedroom, it just flew in through the window, get it" and then she took cover under the duvet. Rubbing my blurry eyes I expected to find a small moth fluttering around the light, but instead I was pleasantly suprised to see in fact it was a Poplar Hawk Moth. After a few minutes of bashing around the walls it settled on the curtains. Downstairs I went to get a camera to take a few snaps, before coaxing the beast out of the window, much to Julia's relief.

That's Lime, Privet and now Poplar Hawk Moth in and around my house within a month or so.