Tuesday 6 July 2010

Hornchurch Hawk Moth Bonanza Continues

Is Hornchurch is the hawkmoth capital of Britain! The 2nd Lime Hawk Moth in Hornchurch of the last few weeks was this time found by Shaun in his back garden. This individual was considerably smaller than the previous one found a couple of weeks ago, but was still very smart. Add that to 2 Privet Hawk Moths last week, that's 4, all found in day light, and not a trap or fluorescent light in site.

I really must get up to Naarfok for this River Warbler soon! Watch this space.


  1. I went to see it Sunday night, it's a tricky little brown job but it sounds nice. Wear platform shoes to see over all the heads!

  2. It helps being 6 feet 2! I'll be at Rainham tonight hopefully seeing my 2nd White Tailed Plover in 6 weeks!