Tuesday 12 November 2013

I can't count

I have had so few ticks this year, a measly 3; Dusky Thrush, Pacific Swift and now Pied Wheatear, you would think I would have been able to work out my BOU life list. Well apparently not! There was me thinking I need just one more tick to break the 400 barrier, until I logged onto BUBO and bam, staring me in the face was the number 397! Bugger. So the wheatear is number 398 and not 399 that I had somewhow got into my head. Like a lot of people I have a few potential armchair ticks in the bag, like Slaty Backed Gull, Alder Flycatcher, maybe even Northern Harrier and/or American Black Tern, but it means it's pretty unlikely I'll be reaching the 400 mark in 2013. Monkey by name and a monkey at maths!

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