Monday 8 April 2013

Sanibel update - day seven

Today we moved from our condo on Sanibel Island to a hotel just a couple of miles away on the main land. A birder had told us about house in a small town called Alva about 30 minutes away that had a number of feeders in the front garden, which often attracted buntings, so "on route" to our hotel we swung by to take a look.

Male Painted Bunting - stunning

Three of a least a dozen Indigo Buntings coming to the feeders

That evening we got tickets to our first ever baseball match! It was fun but long! We gave up after the 6th Inning, which had already taken 2.5 hours! Was a good experience though!!  Little did I know that while we were at the game, at Sanibel lighthouse all sorts of migrating birds were literally dropping out of the sky into the trees and grass. Typical it happened the day we left our condo which was just a 10 minute walk away!     

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