Monday 27 August 2012

20 emails, 15 phone calls and the threat of legal action and............voila

I don't like it when people blatantly take this piss. This lot were obviously not going to pay me for the Cream Coloured Courser photos of mine that were published in The Daily Mail and The Sun on-line. Despite repeated promises that the cheque was in the post, for weeks on end, like my twitches of late, there was NO SIGN of any payment being forthcoming.

So about 2 weeks ago when yet again I remembered that no payment had arrived, I decided to send one final email. It went something like this:

You lot are taking the piss - pay me the money you owe me - if I don't get it within 10 days I am going to a) sue u for copy write infringement, b) write to the national newspaper photo editors to tell them how u lot operate and c) write to BBC Watchdog.

Anyway, guess what, I got an email back literally within a few minutes, and coincidentally on day 10, just when I thought they had mugged me off again, this arrived in the post.

Ok so they've probably not paid me as much as they should but it's better than nothing!   

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  1. Good for you - illustrators and photographers are always getting ripped off by big companies (and smaller ones too), who don't seem to realise that if you provide them with something for their publication, helping them sell copies etc, they should pay you unless otherwise agreed. No one else is expected to work for free, and it's ridiculous it has to get to the stage of making threats before they pay what they owe! Well done for not letting them get away with it.