Tuesday 23 March 2010

Ingrebore Valley

Had a day off yesterday. My first thought was to have a day at Minsmere to hopefully see the flock of Penduline Tits currently residing there. Something told me though not to bother though and have day locally, visit the local sites and see what early spring migrants I could find.

To cut a long and boring story short, I spent the best part of 2 hours at "the valley", and saw, well, not a lot really. Kicking myself that I had not gone up the road to Leyton Flats for the Alpine Swift I headed to Cely Woods to brighten the day up with a Lesser Spot or two................ or none. Heading back to the car I dodged the tumbled weed and went home, feeling slightly robbed. At least I hadn't gone to Minsmere where there was no sign of any pendies.

I'm off Friday and Monday again thisend week so perhaps I'll give this local patching another go. Yeh right. With precious few free days I think I may just end up having a day out somewhere, hopefully somewhere with some birds to look at.

I take my hat off to you local patchers. I hope you find something on your patch very soon to reward you for all your effort and of course so I can twitch it!

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