Saturday 7 November 2009

Fan Tailed Warbler - 3rd Time Lucky!

Thumbs up for the Fan Tailed!

It was 3rd time lucky as at last I caught up with the Fan Tailed Warbler at Pegwell Bay in Kent. Hawky and I arrived at first light to find a number of birders already in position waiting for the bird to appear from its suspected roosting spot in the reeds by the car park. After 40 minutes we could hear it calling and just few minutes later there it was (life tick #362). For 30 minutes it flitted about showing well but mostly with its back to us. We decided to be patient and wait for better views, and we were not to be disappointed, with the bird showing well in full view on and off for 20 minutes.

It may have been here for months but it is still a big draw!

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