Wednesday 9 September 2009

The Tickfest continues - Pallid Harrier, Cambs

Hot on the heels of Sunday’s Alpine Swift another much sort after lifer, Pallid Harrier, was available on Monday. Although in work time, I was in luck. I could get a few hours off and the bird was not too far away, around 1.5 hours away in Cambridgeshire.
Doing a tad more research this time and armed with a map that Bradders Jnr kindly emailed me I set off up the M11. It proved a lot simpler this time to find the site and luckily the harrier was showing as I arrived. Jumping out and fixing my bins on it I had good views immediately. A kind birder let me have a look through his scope to provide even better views as it cruised over the fields in front of me for 5 minutes or so before settling in the field in front of me, out of sight. Here is remained for the next hour until I had to leave. Relatively brief views but I am not complaining, it was a stunner

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