Monday 3 August 2009

Monkey's list of things - HE ACTUALLY DID THIS WEEKEND

Take Jamie on the annual Scouting Dads and lads camping trip on Friday night - Yes

Take the boys fishing for a few hours on Saturday morning/early afternoon - Yes

Find out the Great Spotted Cuckoo has re appeared in North Norfolk.

Get text from Shaun and decide much to my wif’e’s annoyance to go back up to North Norfolk for the 3rd time in 9 days to try and see a Great Spotted Cuckoo

Get home mid afternoon unpack camping gear and get ready to go out Saturday night – Sort of - replace with chuck camping gear in the shed and get scope, bins and camera ready by the front door

Go out to friends house for dinner Saturday night, have a few beers (and worry about how the hell I am going to get up at 4.30am after having approximately 3 hours sleep the night before, so leave at 10pm)

Take garden rubbish stuff to the tip on Sunday morning – No - Replace with - Go to see a Great Spotted Cuckoo in North Norfolk

Sort out garden furniture in preparation for BBQ at ours next weekend late morning Sunday - No - Replace with – Dip a Pacific Golden Plover at in Great Yarmouth

Either a) do some food shopping or b) change name by Deed Poll to Mrs Hubbard – Hello Let me introduce myself ; Hubbard’s the name, Monkey Hubbard.

Visit both sets of parents as not seen them for a few weeks as been too busy dipping Great Spotted Cuckoos
Hmm - Replace with – phone parents to see how they are and dig out photos to remember what they look like

Take the kids to play badminton as I have been promising for a few weeks but unfortunately a certain Mr G S Cuckoo had booked all the courts No - Replace with – Promise to take kids badminton next week …again!

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