Tuesday 4 April 2023

Falklands, Sea Lion Island - day 2

Mickey, our host and a keen birder, took us out in a 4x4 for an orientation tour of the far of the island, so we could decide where we wanted to visit with the remainder of our time on the island.  On our morning travels we added Magellanic Snipe, Brown Hooded Gull, Sooty Shearwater and South American Tern, before a visit to a Rockhopper colony.

Magellanic Snipe

We also stopped off to see some Sea Lions which involved leaning over the edge of a cliff which isn't my cup of tea, so a quick look and back to the lodge for lunch. 

In the afternoon it was back out to the main beaches by the lodge, getting up close and personal with the Elephant Seals, the penguins, and a couple of other birds, thrown in for good measure.  

Black Chinned Siskin - common around the lodge

Dolphin Gull - very smart



Giant Southern Petrel

South American Tern - always distant

Black Throated Finch - seen mainly scuttling around on the ground


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