Monday 27 July 2009

A Bare Faced Bee eater

You know what, I think I might be mad. I keep asking myself what other explantion there could be.

Wed 22nd July 11am - ish. I am sitting there at work writing a detailed report on some load of twaddle, pausing only for tea and lots of sighing. A text arrives, and I do a double take as I read Blue Cheeked Beater Kent. What! I contented myself by telling myself it will do a couple of circuits of the field it's in then bugger off after 2 minutes so don't worry about it. Some 1 and a half hours later it is still there and showing well.

I approached my boss " Is it ok if I slip away a bit early tonight?" .........Please don't ask why, please don't why, please don't ask why......

Boss - No problem what sort of time?

Me - Errr well err as soon as possible really ......... please don't ask why, please don't ask why.......

Boss - Yeh no problem

Me - Great I appreciate that cheers, I'll just finish off and be out of here in 10 minutes, thanks

Boss - No worries, why what you doing that's so important

Me - sh*t!

Now at this point I had approximately 1.8 seconds to reply, any longer it would be obvious I was lying so I just had to be honest.

Me - er, the kid's childminder has a problem, yeh that's it, and er I have to pick them up and er go to Kent (well a hint of truth made me feel a little less dishonest) and er see my, my cousin. Yes that's it. Phew.

I think I just about got away with it!

5 minutes later I was on my way, no bins, no scope, no coat, no chance. 2 hours later I arrive approximately 3 hours after the bird disappeared over the horizon. To cut a long and boring story short. 1 hour later I left tickless, I consoled myself that at least I had given it a go and apart from the Sib Thrush in Norfolk earlier in the year I hadn't really dipped out much this year so I couldn't really complain.

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  1. Shame, it was a great bird, (on my local patch).
    I've put a link to "Monkey Business" on my blog.